Obsidian (A Lux Novel) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

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This is an on-going series in which the second book, Onyx, was just recently released.

Katy (just like myself) is an avid reader and a total book lover. She does a blog on the books she has read and occasionally a vlog. She just recently moved to a new town with her mom after the passing of her father. Katy takes refuge in gardening and reading her paranormal romance books until the day her neighbors make an appearance. Daemon is a swoon-worthy guy and his twin sister, Dee, is just as beautiful. Daemon begins torturing Katy with his crude and uncalled for words after Katy befriends his precious little sister. As time goes by, Katy begins to realize there is something odd about Daemon and Dee.

One day, she is attacked by a man dressed in all black. Daemon comes to her rescue and kills the strange man, leaving a HUGE target on Katy’s head. He gave her a trace. Now she is visible to everyone that is trying to get to Daemon and Dee. Visible to all the other ALIENS. Yep, it’s an alien book, BUT a good one. (Not the cheesy green-skinned-fish-eyed people) They are aliens that can travel at the speed of light and their true forms are that of a bright blue light in the shape of a human. But that’s all I am spilling, so pick up a copy and try out the idea of aliens…….hot aliens!!!!!!!

4 ½ stars out of 5!!!!!!!!

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