Magestic Dreams (Book I)

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Book One in the Magestic Trilogy tells the story of how one young girl explores the path between worlds that beckons from her dreams, and finds her rightful place in a realm of great beauty and power–though not without making a terrible sacrifice. 

Los Angeles teenager Emma McKenzie is on her way to Maine to live with her birth father for the first time. Years of terrifying nightmares and dreams of a magical land she calls “Magestic” can hardly prepare her for the truth she uncovers in Greenville. Emma is much more than your average 16-year-old struggling to fit in at a new school. In fact, she’s far from normal. And so is Simon, the mysterious and handsome boy from the nearby Inn she falls in love with.

As Emma gets to know her father and stepmother, and befriends local teens Sarah, Mark, and Sam, she is shocked to discover she has some rather unique abilities which may be put to the test to save Magestic. What Emma doesn’t realize is that to save the world of her dreams, she may have to give up the one person she can’t live without.


9 thoughts on “Magestic Dreams (Book I)

  1. carmen

    I so enjoyed everything about this book,the mystery,the love story,the love of family and new found friendships and most of all that it keep you wanting to know more.Plus you find yourself so connected to the character”s in the feel apart of there lives.I can’t wait for book two,I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen next into this world of mystery!!!!


    This is a y.a. fiction book but a person of any age could relate to the struggles that the main character, Emma, goes through in the uncertainty of the new chapter in her life that the reader is audience to: going to live with her new-found, biological father on the opposite side of the country while still in highschool. We get a first-hand look at her struggles and triumphs as she navigates her way through making friends at a new school, her relationship with her biological father and step-mother, and the challenge that has faced us all at that age-figuring out who she is. What is different about this journey, though, is that Emma is beyond an ordinary teenager in the way that she has a world in her dreams that is realized to be more than a true part of who she is and makes her life more than interesting. The reader will fall in love with Emma as we follow her through her through her trimuphs and especially her misshaps. And will cry and struggle with her as she faces defeat and life-threatening danger to herself and the ones that she has come to love and care about. What takes center stage though in this compelling story is that of Emma’s love for Simon the boy of her dream world, Majestic, and, in stunning realization, her real world. The end of the novel leaves you with a cliff hanger leading the reader only wanting more and restlessly waiting for the next book in the trilogy to be released.

  3. What a great interpretation! I appreciate the thoughtful and in depth review of Magestic Dreams, it means a lot!

  4. Hey its Helen 🙂
    I just finished your book if that gives you an idea on how much I adore it.
    It encompassed everything I love in a good book: great characters (I fell in love with Simon and now wish that I had friends like Mark and Sarah), an amazing setting (let’s just say that I really want to go snowmobiling), a protagonist with whom a reader can connect to, love (not mushy-gushy love but the sweet and heartbreaking kind), adventure, mystery, and the ability to leave me desperate for the next book!
    Right now I really want to talk about specific things in the book, but as this is a blog I do not want to give any spoilers. As a reader I know that I hate them. 😉
    Great job and have fun as you write the 2nd book – I know it will be just as good as the first!

  5. Thanks, Helen, for the awesome review. I wasn’t expecting you to read the book until the fall much less in a night. But I’m glad you did! Your review is one of my favorites and best written so I shared it on facebook. It’s enthusiastic readers like you that makes writing books so much fun.

  6. First off: Thank you for writing your book.
    Second: Your welcome! I’m glad I did read it, though I did tell myself multiple times, “Okay, this is the last chapter for tonight.” Obviously that didn’t work. Though to be completely honest, it never does.
    Third: 😀
    Fourth: I anticipate that I will continue to be one of your enthusiastic readers!

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