Magestic Light (Book III)

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Book Three in the Magestic Trilogy

“I do not seek out death, but I do not fear it… neither does my master.”

The massive storm that blew Simon in from The City of Darkness is hovering over the state of Maine, and the nearby communities are reeling as they search for a local teen that has gone missing.

Daemarius has ripped Emma away from those she loves and twisted her mind with a powerful spell. Though her heart fights against it, he has fooled her into believing that ruling The House of Dark alongside her master is her destiny.

Having failed in his attempt to protect Emma, Mark has something to prove as he is welcomed into the League of Guardians, unskilled, untrained, and unprepared.
Will he be able to put the mistakes of his past behind him and work with Simon to bring Emma back to the light? Or will Daemarius find the one Hopeful that will entice Emma into betraying her love for Simon, thus, dissolving her ties to Magestic and bringing darkness to the world forever?

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