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Magestic Rain

After countless hours of plotting, editing, and head banging formatting, the second book in the Magestic Trilogy is available on Amazon. I would love to hear from you and know what you think, so any review (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. I promise I won’t hunt you down! Just click on this link to my Amazon Author Page and you can be reading today!


Magestic Rain

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“In fairytales, frogs turn into princes, little boys never have

to grow up, and ordinary girls become extraordinary

with the wave of a wand.

But this is not a fairytale.”

By refusing to accept her untimely death, Emma’s “earthly” family and friends have unknowingly pulled her back from Magestic and into a world in which she doesn’t belong. Though her memories are vague and dreamlike at best, she knows what she must do—stay alive. Without her Guardian, Simon, this is no simple task.

Sheltering her friendship with Sarah and working to master her clumsy and disastrous powers, all while keeping up her GPA as a seemingly ordinary senior at Greenville High, isn’t easy either. But when Mark returns from his summer in Alaska with a newfound need to protect her, things get really complicated. He seems to have picked up a few of Simon’s characteristics, and when he appears as the main event in her dreams, she realizes it is more than just coincidence.

As Emma struggles to balance the light and darkness she discovers within herself, she begins to understand the legend of Princess Magdon; Peace and harmony, and death and destruction shall rest delicately on her fingertips. And when the King’s secret is finally revealed, she is left with one question: Will she be the one to save the universe, or destroy it?

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The Archers of Avalon Series by Chelsea Fine

check out this series here!

Scarlet wakes up in the middle of a forest and has no idea who or where she is. Amnesia, that’s what she suffers from. While getting adjusted to this new city and caretaker, she meets a guy named Gabriel but that same night she keeps seeing another guy that looks just like him. Not understanding what exactly she’s gotten herself into, she begins a relationship with Gabriel and his twin Tristan. But only one can love her while the other has to kill her. Her world just got complicated.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story– you need to find out for yourself.

This story evoked a lot of feelings from me. One second I was rooting for Scarlet and Gabriel and the next I was praying that something hot would happen between Scarlet and Tristan. Some moments I had to stop reading so I wouldn’t freak out ( I was reading it around midnight). The humor in it had me laughing out loud obnoxiously and ridiculously. And lastly the romance, it’s swoon-worthy, honestly. The love between Gabriel and Scarlet is chaste and very sweet. On the other hand, with Tristan its bumped up a few notches.

Check out this series.  You won’t be disappointed but rather, you’ll be left wanting more.

*This story is written in third person and in three different points of view*

The Hungry Book Addict!

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