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Never Say Never

Knoxville to LA

One of the pitfalls of having a writer for a mother is eventually, she will write a story about you. I try to avoid this but since there are a few lessons to be learned (and my son is on a long flight to Japan), I felt the need to share.

In preparing our son for a year-long stay in Japan, we went on a shopping spree, buying everything from socks and shoes to toothpaste and deodorant. When one of the two pairs of Chinos we bought him sprung a button, I pulled out the travel size sewing kit, complete with pre-threaded needles. My husband, a FedEx pilot and seasoned traveler, suggested I teach our son how to sew the button back onto his pants. I argued the need. After all, wouldn’t his Host Mother be able to sew a button if the occasion should arise?

My husband reminded me of a time or two when his uniform pants split straight up the back and he had to walk through the hotel lobby with his underwear hanging out. I guessed a little instruction couldn’t hurt. My son was more than willing to learn and he was surprised at how easy it was for me to tie a knot in the thread, weave the needle back and forth through the four little holes on the button, then tie off the thread again—simple.

While waiting 8 hours for his departure flight at LAX, my son’s second pair of Chinos sprung a button. In a disappointing turn of events, the travel size sewing kit didn’t make it into his carry-on bag. We encouraged him to find a store, buy a kit, and then find a bathroom stall. Imagine my surprise when he called from the bathroom stall and asked me how to thread the needle. When I told him he had to stick the thread through the tiny hole at the top of the needle, he said he figured that out but was hoping I knew an easier way. I didn’t.  I’m not sure if the new button was too small or the task was too tedious, but three safety pins are holding his pants up now.

Lesson #1   Last minute packing is not a good idea.

Lesson #2   When your pants are being held up by safety pins and you’re on a 12 hour flight, it is

best to limit your beverage consumption.

Lesson #3   Never say never.

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