If I Win

I don’t play the lottery, but I must admit I do get caught up in all the hoopla when the jackpot reaches a record high. The thrill of winning half a billion dollars had me stopping off at the C-Store to purchase a few tickets.

It’s funny how I don’t think about the lottery until I actually have a ticket in hand and then, the daydreaming begins. I don’t say prayers filled with promises I’m not sure I’d keep, like donating half to a charity or keeping my day job (If I had one). Truth is: I would spend a lot of money! Not just on myself, but on my family and a few close friends.

While skyping with my son in Japan this morning, my daydreaming became contagious, and my son had a few ideas of his own. My plans of traveling the world and building a giant compound to house said family–as well as traveling the world over—were trumped by the promise I made to my son. Yes, I made a promise. After all, I want to win!

Though he liked the idea of a huge mansion complete with a movie theatre, bowling alley, infinite pool, and an intercom system that I could use to call the family to order, he wanted a place of his own.

So, if you hear about a family from Tennessee building a giant spaceship (just like the one in the series Firefly) next to a giant mansion in which their son CAPTAIN BEN will reside, you will know: I won the lottery… and kept my promise.

Good luck to all those daydreamers out there!

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2 thoughts on “If I Win

  1. Kestrel

    What a coincidence. 🙂 My teacher was also daydreaming about winning the lottery today and he said that he would bring us all cookies and steaks if he won… kinda a weird combination but it made us happy and distracted us for a few moments from the test that followed 10 minutes later. He also warned us to be prepared for his helicopter rides to school. 🙂 He promised that if he won that he would keep his job, which is good since he is a great teacher!

    Your ideas sound great and I would envy you if you did indeed travel the world because that is my ultimate dream!!

    Good luck my fellow dreamer and I hope your son gets his space ship!

    ❤ Helen

    • Hello Helen!
      I have so missed hearing from you since my posts were sick with me. I think it’s fun to daydream and winning the lotto is definitely a daydream! If I don’t win, I hope your teacher does. And I hope he keeps his job–good teachers are keepers. See you Sunday at the soccer game.

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