Sick September

First of all, I must apologize for my absence. After giving my cold the allotted 14 days to resolve itself, I realized on day 20, things were not getting better. It has taken two trips to the doctor, two antibiotics, and lots of steroids for me to finally say, I’m on the road to recovery. (Bronchitis, sinus infection, ear infection…yay)

My multitasking abilities have been greatly diminished by my illness, but I did manage to learn a few things during my sick September so I thought I would share them with you.

Lesson #1   The upside of losing your sense of smell: Changing the litter box is a breeze. The downside: Strange odors in the fridge can go unnoticed for weeks.

Lesson #2   Steroid nasal spray should not be used prior to bedtime unless you plan to sleep on the sofa with the TV remote in hand.

Lesson #3   Losing the ability to taste your food does not mean you will lose weight. Miraculously, your sweet buds survive, and chocolate tastes a lot better than snot.

Lesson #4  When your right ear sounds like it’s stuffed with a bale of cotton, everyone will sit on the right side of you.  “What?” becomes an overused word and you must speak louder than the sound of your own voice in your head. Therefore, everyone in the restaurant just heard you say, “We’re out of toilet paper.”

Lesson #5  When you finally muster up enough energy to do a little housework, remember your brain is in a fog. Never turn on the vacuum without warning your long-clawed, sleeping cat first. He just might leap two feet in the air and use your daughter’s arms as a spring board to land him at the front door. My daughter is nursing her wounds and will make a full recovery. Jingles, on the other hand, I’m not so sure.

Last but not least Lesson #6  The world is much smaller than you think. And in a strange turn of events, I brought the Chinese and Japanese together for two weeks in September.  I have played a small part in bringing peace to the world–one girl at a time—and next week, I will share this with you.  But for now, I must go blow my nose!

Cat Scratch Fever!

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2 thoughts on “Sick September

  1. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my sweet buds! I adore chocolate and I’m glad that you also get to enjoy its amazing taste again!

    I really hate ear infections and bronchitis sucks too. I also have been in the awkward situation of yelling across a restaurant, and I must add that I do not recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already done it. 😛 Though it is fun….

    Nice bracelets Savannah and I hope to see you at practice on Friday!

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